Public Engagement

State officials will solicit input through the summer at regularly scheduled and special public meetings of the California State Board of Food and Agriculture, California Water Commission, State Water Resources Control Board, and other state agencies. The state will work with academic and other groups, too, to hold workshops and listening sessions on specific topics.

A calendar of events can be found here. Dates are listed as they are confirmed.

Among the questions agency officials are considering:

  • How can the state help communities ensure safe, affordable drinking water?
  • What can the state do to better enable local and regional water districts to capture, store and move water?
  • What state actions would help deliver the most meaningful water use efficiency gains?
  • How can the state better protect fish and wildlife and manage urban and agricultural water through the next drought?
  • What can the state do now to prepare for economic adjustments as communities fully implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act in coming years?
  • Which state policies or laws no longer fit California’s water reality or public values?
  • What are the most troublesome gaps in state data that, if filled, would ease regional water management?
  • Are there proven technologies and forecasting tools that should be adopted across California to bolster the sustainability of water systems?
  • What models from other states and nations should California consider?

Input from the public is critical to informing the Water Resilience Portfolio. Comments submitted in writing via this email address will be reviewed and considered by the portfolio team.

Comments from the public that provide substantive input will be posted on this website as they are received.

Public Engagement and Outreach

How can we meet the water needs of California’s communities, economy, and environment for generations to come? Email us your ideas at


Portfolio Contacts:

Nancy Vogel, Director of the Governor’s Water Portfolio Program

Media Contacts:

Lisa Lien-Mager, California Natural Resources Agency
(916) 653-9402

Erin Curtis, California Environmental Protection Agency
(916) 322-7350

Steve Lyle, California Department of Food and Agriculture
(916) 654-0462

Portfolio Principles

Consistent with the Governor’s executive order, the Water Resilience Portfolio will incorporate these principles:

  • Prioritize multi-benefit approaches that meet multiple needs at once.
  • Utilize natural infrastructure such as forests and floodplains.
  • Embrace innovation and new technologies.
  • Encourage regional approaches among water users sharing watersheds.
  • Incorporate successful approaches from other parts of the world.
  • Integrate investments, policies and programs across state government.
  • Strengthen partnerships with local, federal and tribal governments, water agencies and irrigation districts, and other stakeholders.